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Cville Green Cleaning is the Charlottesville area's top choice for home and commercial cleaning services that uses only natural, green cleaning products. We strive to be even more thorough than any other cleaning company while still using only the safest, most natural cleaning products available.

We are locally and family owned since 1992. Our team members are put through strict training and very thorough background checks. We know that if we can't trust them with a key to our home and business, we can't trust them with a key to yours.

We have grown to the point now that we have the opportunity to make annual donations in excess of $50,000 to local charities and causes. Our donations help at-risk youth, needy families, single mothers, and more.

In addition, we want our employees to be successful and grow. We provide high quality personal finance training to every team member at no cost to them. We consider our employees family and prove this by being there in ways no other employer would. We have paid for hopsital bills for team members who had children in the hospital before their health insurance became active. We have repaired and even replaced vehicles for some of our team members in need. We make sure that our team members who are single mothers never work a minute outside of the times the daycares of their choice are open.

We are confident that all of this proves we are not just another green-minded cleaning company, but a truly valuable organization to the Charlottesville area. When you give us the opportunity to make your life a little better, you are doing much more than getting a cleaner home or business.

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